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Lace Music is known around the world, for some of the best sounding pickups ever made in the old Fender guitars. Today the Lace Music line is huge, with the world famous Lace Sensors, The Lace Dually's pickups that blend 2 Lace Sensors creating a double coil Humbucker Pickup with tons of tonal options, the new Alumitone Pickups, Deathbucker Pickup, Drop N Gain, Nitro Hemi, Hot Gold Sensors and a full line of classic, vintage pickups are available with modern technology employed to eliminate noise and deliver "that Sound."

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The Lace Guitar Pick - Vintage Fender Lace Sensor gift pick.

Best Humbucker pickups, Lace Nitro Hemi Electric Guitar Pickup - major high output modern humbucker pickup that can be split for single coil tones - Neck Pickup. Lace Direct for best price on guitar pickups. The Drop & Gain Bridge Pickup for Electric Guitars using lowered, or dropped D tuning in Metal, Hard Rock and Hardcore music.
Nitro Hemi -Neck
Our Price: $69.99
Drop & Gain Bridge
Our Price: $69.99
The Nitro Hemi is a serious Modern Humbucker that can be split for Single Coil Tones. Bold and aggressive, it will take you from zero to metal in a heartbeat. This Nitro Hemi is a high output pickup with a thump of a fat Humbucker and sparkly bell like top end.
The Lace Music Drop & Gain Electric Guitar Pickup was designed specifically for Drop D Tuning / Lowered Tuning to be the best Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Hardcore pickup for Drop D Guitarist.