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Drop & Gain Bridge
The Drop & Gain Bridge Pickup for Electric Guitars using lowered, or dropped D tuning in Metal, Hard Rock and Hardcore music.

Our Price: $69.99

Product Code: 04902

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Rock Guitar - Metal and Hardcore Guitar Pickup

The Drop & Gain Bridge Guitar Pickup

The is the industry's first guitar pickup that has been designed specifically for the drop "D" tunings and ultra high gain hard rock, heavy metal and hardcore guitar music.

A totally re-designed guitar pickup to help solve the common complaints of muddy and mushy tones, loss of single note articulation, while enhancing the guitar's own unique personality.

The Tech Talk: We used slightly less magnetic than stock vintage pups - this helps cure the excessive loose string vibration (caused the Drop Tuning) from overdriving the signal. We mismatch the coils, so in the bridge pickup the one 15.1k coil of the 2 coils drives the pup hard and the other 9.0k coil pulls out the necessary articulation. Our unique patented Lace Sensor design allows us to mismatch our coils.

This can only be slightly altered in a standard humbucker or the hum canceling effects will be lost. Our guitar pickups are single coil, with very little hum, so when we combine them in a humbucker pickup, we can greatly increase its dynamic range without adding noise, thus making the Lace "Drop and Gain" pickup unique in design, tone and functionality.

This bridge pickup will give you that big, fat, over wound humbucking sound. It is one killer bridge pickup. Not used solely for "Drop and Gain" work. Also used in baritone guitars and with standard tunings. They work well for all types of musical styles.

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