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Alumitone Loaded Pickguards

Loaded pickguards are Strat style pickguards with all the electronics pre-loaded and ready to instal in your guitar with 2 wires to connect. All the components used are top quality and great care goes in the the wiring on each Lace prewired pickguard.

The Alumitone Pickguards available here on Lace Pickups Direct are listed below. The Single Coil set is 3 single coil Alumitone pickups and the Humbucking pickguard has 2 single coil pickups and one Alumitone Humbucker pickup for an even bigger sound in rock, pop and heavy rock settings.

Alumitone Pickups

As with all Alumitone pickups, these are great looking, full range, light weight and the latest technology for that cutting edge sound you have been looking for on your Strat guitars.

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Loaded PickGuard - pre-wired by Lace with the amazing Alumitone Single Coil electric guitar pickups in a white pickguard - available in Black or White. Upgrade your Strat sound today at sale prices 24/7.
Alumitone singles loaded pickguard
Our Price: $210.99

Lace Loaded Pickguard - pre-wired with the amazing Alumitone Single Coil electric guitar pickups seen in a white pickguard - available in black or white.
Loaded Pickguards - pre-wired and drop in with 2 wires - Lace Alumitone Guitar PickGuards are pre loaded with 2 Single Coil Alumitone pickups and 1 Humbucker Alumitone pickup on sale at Lace Pickups Direct
Alumitone S/S/Hum loaded pickguard
Our Price: $210.99

Pre-Wired Pickguards with high quality components and Lace Alumitone Guitar Pickups (2 Single Coil Alumitones and 1 Humbucker Alumitone), these loaded pick-guards are ready to rock!