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Lace products for sale on Lace Direct Pickups site - D Tuning Drop n Gain, Hemi and Nitro Hemi, and all the most popular Lace Sensors and Dually Sensors are available today at low sale pricing.
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21097   30th Anniversary Hot Golds Pickguard
21070   Aluma P 90 Black
21057   Alumitone Humbucker
21066   Alumitone S/S/Hum loaded pickguard
21065   Alumitone singles loaded pickguard
8051   Chrome Dome Neck or Middle
0320-2014   Cybercaster Classic Guitar
0420-2014   Cybercaster Elan Guitar
9000   Dobro Sensor Round Necks
04902   Drop & Gain Bridge
04901   Drop & Gain Neck
04400   Hemi-Neck
21045   Lace Emerald RW Silver Purple Sensor Pickguard
21095   Lace Gold Hot Gold Sensor Pickguard
21042   Lace Gold Sensor Pickguard
21181   Lace Hot Gold Sensor 13K
21171   Lace Hot Gold Sensor 6K
2143   Lace Red Blue Silver Sensor Pickguard
04502   Lace Sensor Blue/Gold Dually
21151   Lace Sensor Burgundy
21161   Lace Sensor Emerald
21071   Lace Sensor Gold
04504   Lace Sensor Gold/Gold Dually
2101   Lace Sensor J Bass Bridge Black
2100   Lace Sensor J Bass Neck Black
21131   Lace Sensor Light Blue
2000   Lace Sensor P Bass Set Black
21152   Lace Sensor Purple
04505   Lace Sensor Purple/Emerald
21141   Lace Sensor Red
04500   Lace Sensor Red/Blue Dually
04503   Lace Sensor Red/Red Dually
04501   Lace Sensor Red/Silver Dually
21091   Lace Sensor S-100
21081   Lace Sensor Silver
21101   Lace Sensor Silver RW/RP
21121   Lace Sensor-Blue
04403   Nitro Hemi -Neck
21110   USAB Ultra Slim Acoustic Bass

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